About Us

Aqualina lighting (since 1988) is a fully Australian Company dedicated to manufacturing Marine/Freshwater and Reptile lighting systems for both the hobby and the Professional market. Select from a budget style led light to a sofisticated WiFi Led light to suit your aquarium.

AQUALINA are a 100% AUSTRALIAN Company. We have been manufacturing aquarium and reptile lights since 1988. We believe that these years of ongoing designs based on years of feedback has given us a leading edge in what works and what does not. We offer 12 months warrantee and we can service our product for many years after the warrantee has expired.

Note* Our led light do not use fans making silent running. Fans also have the disadvantage of drawing moist air through the light. We also do not use the large lenses that concentrate the light deep into the aquarium. Why you might ask.

We find that it is possible to create hot spots with large lenses, and an overal spread creates a better fully mixed spectrum of light.

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