What is the shipping and delivery policy for orders?

A flat fee is charged for all International Shipments. This makes small orders uneconomical.

It is best to look for totals exceeding $200.00

We prefer Paypal.

What type of led light do you recommend for my Coral Tank?

That depends on the size of your tank. We have designed all our led lights with running costs in mind. That means we do not sell a light that is capable of more than required and therefore wasting large amounts of Electricity. Sunrise to Sunset lights run approx: 50% more economical that a simple on/off light.

Recommended for standard depth aquariums are: MR Series and MX Series lights.

For deeper tanks select form: MX-Pro or SP-120 designs.

Can we have our light custom designed?

Yes you can. We specialise in custom designs for both induvidual aquarium or entire shop installations. Just drop us an Email with your needs and we will answer your questions.

This is some feedback from a recent customer.

Received the lights yesterday thanks. I’ve installed them on the tanks and they look great. I haven’t had much of a play with them, but the MR light out of the box emits quite a nice light spectrum as it is and I was quite surprised at how much of a variation could be achieved by adjusting the different channels. It’s also nice to not have the big bulky old lights on the top of the tank, nor the heat that they generated. Time will tell how well the plants will go, but I can always play around with the red and blue to manipulate leave and stem growth.

The kids are quite excited with the light for their tank and love the moonlight feature. The light output looks quite nice as well and I’m considering trying some anubias or crypts in the tank to see how they go, I’ve got plenty to spare.


I can't find the product I need, can you order it in?

As manufacturers we are not general importers. However we do carry some other led products like T8 led tubes, Led Halogen lights, Led light bulbs.

Just ask us for a price.

What is best for my planted freshwater tank?

Freshwater plants require a suitable colour spectrum that suits the plants best. There are two main catagories of plants: Sun loving mostly floating types and Bog or swamp plants like Amazon and most crypts as these plant in nature grow in the shades in swamp conditions.

So a mix of red for the surface loving plants. The deeper plant show less thin long leaves if we add some blue to the mix. That is why we have our unique 3 channel remote led light. It allows you to adjust the colour mix to be just right for your plants.

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