MRGB Freshwater light


Our best Freshwater Led Light.
The unique feature of this light is that we have taken advantage of the fact that red,blue and green in leds make white light. Result is that you see only the white light but everything that is under the light receives the full enhancement of the three led colours. Even plants look astonishingly better. Combine this with a automatic timer and you have one of the nicest light you can have.

We have tested the light compared to normal blue/white led lights. not only does it look far superior it ectually works and the plants grow and look far better under full spectrum light. Comes with a 4 channell remote so you can control any colour channel to suit.
Like all AQUALINA lights it comes with a 12 month guarantee.

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MRGB led light

1200 – MRGB 1200mm led, 1500 – MRGB 1500mm led, 1800 – MRB 1800mm led, 2400 – MRGB 2400mm led, 600 – MRGB 600mm led, 900 – MRGB 900mm led