Our latest pride and joy the XP bluetooth led series. Yes it runs from your phone, just download the Aqualina app from the App store and you are on your way. this is a serious powerfull led light suited for either fresh water or marine corals.


With the bluetooth you are in control of your XP Led light. you set the starting time and the ending time and in between you control the sunrise down to the sunset on 4 separate chanells. Once set your light will run your program that you created. Click for more information to see the details. Yes includes our famous 12 months warrantee.

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XP Series with Bluetooth

XP Freshwater 1200mm, XP Freshwater 1800mm, XP Freshwater 300mm, XP Freshwater 600mm, XP Freshwater 900mm, XP Marine 1200mm, XP Marine 1800mm, XP Marine 300mm, XP Marine 600mm, XP Marine 900mm