MR Series Both Freshwater and Marine


The MR Series are led lights fitted with a multi channel remote control, so that the user can increase or decrease the brightnes of any color row in the light. By mixing these it will also change the color output. A very handy feature that put the end use in control.

Wit 5 rows of leds you can now adjust this light to your own needs. Run it full or change it be just a moonlight. Or any other feature settings in between. Buy a remote timer with it and you can have your light turn on/off at the times you set. Comes complete with 1 year warantee.

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MR Marine & Freshwater Series

Mr Freahwater 900mm, MR Freshwater 1200mm, MR Freshwater 1800mm, MR Freshwater 600mm, MR Marine 1200mm, MR Marine 1800mm, MR Marine 600mm, MR Marine 900mm